History of Goan Cuisine and About Us.

In the last 10 years Indian food has been growing extremely popular in the US. Being in the US for the last 15 years I have seen that we in the US have become more adventurous with spices and cuisines. The main stream media the likes of Food Networks and people inclining towards alternative medicine are creating awareness of the spices used in Indian cuisine and their health benefits.

As a Goan our cuisine has a different level of flavor and so my goal is to create an awareness of this cuisines as it has a blend of majority of Indian and Portuguese with a bit mix of Arabic and Asian flavors that gives it, its uniqueness. Seafood, coconut milk, rice, and local spices are main ingredients of Goan cuisine. The area is located in a tropical climate, which means that spices and flavors are intense. Use of Kokum ( A sour plum which has a deep rich red color) is another distinct feature along with Goan chilies are also a must for most dishes, as is tamarind. Goans make their own version of vinegar from toddy. rice, fish, and coconut are the basic components of the typical Goan food platter. Food made from these three items can be expected in nearly every Goan meal. Then there are innumerable Preserve, Pickles and chutneys that are typical of the state.

At Goan Imports we work extremely hard to bring the right brands of spice mixes and pickles that have the real authentic flavors. I try the recipes in my kitchen and tweak them when needed to make it as authentic as I can remember from growing up with my mom’s cooking. I always loved her cooking as she would make healthier foods with out compromising the flavor and that is my goal. You can also also gift these spice mixes to your loved ones who like to cook. Jazz up your parties by incorporating these spice mixes in your appetizers or main dishes as they are very versatile. So take the leap and discover the International Chef within you, in the convenience of your own kitchen with these easy to cook spice mixes. Recipes available on our blog www.goanwiki.com or on our Facebook Page www.facebook.com/goanimports.

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Recipe Ideas With Goan Spices
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Cauliflower and Shrimps Recheado Pork Or Lamb Vindaloo Egg Plant Curry
Spicy Calamari Recheado Fry Sorpotel (Spicy Pork Curry) Red Kidney Bean Curry or Rajma
Goan Green Beans Recipe Cafreal Stuffed Pork Chop Indian Spiced Grilled Tofu Recipe
Stuffed Egg Plant with Shrimps Goan Beef Curry Moong Dal Curry
Madras Shrimp or Prawn Curry Stuffed Cabbage with Vindaloo Chicken Cauliflower Vindaloo Steak
Goan Fish Curry Chicken Vindaloo Recipe Spicy Black Channa

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